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Nutritionally Controlled


Our team of specialists developed the first less than 100 kcal confectionery bar nearly 25 years ago. We have been leading the market in developing and producing unique, brand specific nutritional controlled bars and snacks ever since.  

Our customers need a unique brand identity through bars and 

snacks for weight control, meal replacement, high protein, high

energy, low fat or low sugar. We help them do this.

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Low calorie, low sugar, low fat nougat and confectionary bars and bites.

✓ Nougat bars that can be light and fluffy, dense     and chewy, crunchy or smooth 

✓ Chocolate enrobed

✓ Caramel or fruit layer

✓ Inclusions such as fruit, nuts, cereals, cocoa       or even honeycomb 

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High protein or
High energy bars.


✓ Whey protein paste or soya protein 

✓ Shoulder coated, fully enrobed, drizzled 

✓ Caramel layers

✓ Sprinkled with toppings 

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Low calorie, low sugar, low fat, high energy cereal bars, bites and NEW cereal balls.

✓ Cereal bars with fruit and nut and other inclusions

✓ Shoulder coated, drizzled or fully enrobed with chocolate or other coatings

✓ Caramel or fruit layer

✓ Sprinkled with toppings 

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Meal Replacement
cereal bars.


✓ A meal in a bar with carefully controlled

✓ Specialist ingredients and vitamin mixes 

✓ Coatings and drizzle 

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