Healthy Snacking.

Not all Brand Owners want nutritional controlled or gluten free. Some are just looking for a delicious healthy snack that offers a great alternative to todays sugar and fat loaded confectionery.

  • Multiple snacking formats

  • Cereal bars and bites

  • Nougat bars and bites

  • Moulded bars 

  • Baked bars and bites

  • Moulded bites, chunks, shapes


All made with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world or we can keep it simple and cost effective.

  • Halo Foods can source new ingredients to give brand owners a unique offering in the market

  • We are able to offer new technologies, packaging formats and snacking ideas

  • High end or value ranges supplied


We’re passionate about making delicious and tasty snacks.

Take a closer look at our manufacturing process.