Free From.

Our segregated 'factory in a factory' gives Gluten Free brands the real assurances they are looking for in a manufacturing partner.

In recent years the growing desire for 'clean eating', paleo, vegan and other diets have boosted the demand for specially manufactured products. Halo Foods manufacture for many leading 'free-from' brands in this market.


Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan in three completely different snacking options.


We take raw fruit, nuts, grains and other ingredients then mince or mix to a unique recipe to give anything from a silky smooth to slightly crispy crunchy texture and mould them into bars, bites, chunks or any shape you want.

  • Fruit and nut options

  • Nut free options



NEW Cereal Balls

A fantastic new snacking option for brand owners wanting to offer their consumers a bag of bite sized cereal, fruit and nut snacks 

  • Nut free

  • 100% natural 

We’re passionate about making delicious and tasty snacks.

Take a closer look at how we make our nutritionally controlled products.